Welcome to the Archive. It' full of neat and wonderful things, some exclusive to this site! At the bottom, you'll find links to other great archives, so if it ain't here, try one of those places. Also, checkout the Bass game, by MooMoo, in the Windows stuff section! One of the earlier primitive efforts at a Klik & Play MegaMan game, so it's not as good as the EoD game, but still pretty fun, and I think it excels the EoD game in a few areas.
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MIDI Sequencer

MegaMan X MIDI from Megaman X
MegaMan X MIDI from Megaman X2
MegaMan X MIDI from Megaman X3
MegaMan X MIDI from Megaman X4
MegaMan 1 MIDI from Megaman 1
MegaMan 2 MIDI from Megaman 2
MegaMan 3 MIDI from Megaman 3
MegaMan 4 MIDI from Megaman 4
MegaMan 5 MIDI from Megaman 5
MegaMan 6 MIDI from Megaman 6
MegaMan 7 MIDI from Megaman 7
Misc. MIDs Misc. MIDI from Megaman


Wily Wars MegaMan 1, 2, and 3 for Genesis
Zsnes My favorite SNES emultor, nice, quick, customizable.
MegaMan 7 MegaMan 7 for SNES
MegaMan Soccer Megaman Soccer for SNES
Nesticle The NES Emulator
MegaMan Megaman 1
MegaMan 2 Megaman 2
MegaMan 3 Megaman 3
MegaMan 4 Megaman 4
MegaMan 5 Megaman 5
MegaMN 6 Megaman 6 for NES
RockMan & Forte RockMan & Forte (MegaMan and Bass)!


These pictures are a good size, transparent, and look awesome on a web site. I would use them, but I don't know where. Feel free to take them, but I would appreciate if you'd give me (MooMoo) some credit.
ballade.gif Ballade
bigbubble.gif BubbleMan
bigburst.gif BurstMan
bigbuster.gif BusterRod G.
bigcharge.gif ChargeMan
bigcloud.gif CloudMan
biggrenade.gif GrenadeMan
bigguts.gif GutsMan
bighard.gif HardMan
bigmegawater.gif MegaWater S.
bigmetal.gif MetalMan
bigneedle.gif NeedleMan
bigpharaoh.gif PharaohMan
bigplant.gif PlantMan
bigroll.gif Roll
bigsearch.gif SearchMan
bigshade.gif ShadeMan
bigsnake.gif SnakeMan
bigspring.gif SpringMan
bigtengu.gif TenguMan
bigturbo.gif TurboMan
bigyamato.gif YamatoMan
bigauto.gif Auto
bigbeat.gif Beat
bigeddie.gif Eddie
bigduo.gif Duo
bigforte.gif Bass
biglight.gif Dr. Light
bigrock.gif MegaMan
bigrush.gif Rush
bigking.gif King
bigproto.gif ProtoMan
bigwily.gif Dr. Wily
bigtreble.gif Treble
bigastro.gif Astro Man
bigpunk.gif Punk
bigflash.gif Flashman
bigjupiter.gif Jupiter
bigcold.gif Cold Man
bigquick.gif Quick Man
bigblizzard.gif Blizzard Man
bigbright.gif Bright Man
bigdynamo.gif Dynamo Man
bigflare.gif Burner Man
bigstone.gif Stone Man
bigsunstar.gif SunStar
bigsword.gif Sword Man
bigwind.gif Wind Man
bigdrill.gif Drill Man
bigcrash.gif Crash Man
bigcrystal.gif Crystal Man
bigfire.gif Fire Man
bigenker.gif Enker
bigfreeze.gif Freeze Man
bigflame.gif Flame Man
bigfrost.gif Frost Man
biggemini.gif Gemini Man
bigground.gif Ground Man
bigice.gif Ice Man
biggravity.gif Gravity Man
bigknight.gif Knight Man
bigmegastorm.gif Megastorm H.
bigring.gif Ring Man
bigstar.gif Star Man
bigslash.gif Slash Man
bigair.gif Air Man
bigbomb.gif Bomb Man
bigcentaur.gif Centaur Man
bigclown.gif Clown Man
bigcut.gif Cut Man
bigdive.gif Dive Man
bigelec.gif Elec Man
biggyro.gif Gyro Man
bigheat.gif Heat Man
bighydro.gif Aqua Man
bigjunk.gif Junk Man
bigmagic.gif Magic Man
bigmagnet.gif Magnet Man
bignapalm.gif Napalm Man
bigmercury.gif Mercury
bigpluto.gif Pluto
bigquint.gif Quint
bigskull.gif Skull Man
bigspark.gif Spark Man
bigtango.gif Tango
bigtoad.gif Toad Man
bigtomahawk.gif Tomahawk Man
bigwood.gif Wood Man
bigdust.gif Dust Man
bigneptune.gif Neptune
bigpirate.gif Pirate Man
bigwave.gif Wave Man

Windows Stuff

MegaMan Icons Icons, featuring the heads of many MM chracters (not mugshots!)
Bass Screens Startup and Shutdown Win95 screens, featuring Bass
Bass Game Play as Bass in this, the first K&P game by MooMoo-Chan!
Bass Fonts Fonts for the Bass Game.
These screens were made by MooMoo-Chan, and are exclusive to this site, as are the icons and game!


I was about to put non-orignal pictures in this archive, but since that stuff here would come from other places, anyway, and there are so many pictures on the web that only a sane person would type them all in, I have instead decided to put links to other really great picture archives. In the end, everybody wins. You get pix, these people get their sites linked to, and I don't get super-happy carpal tunnel syndrome from typing them all in!

Bass Page picture archive- A very good archive, not jest of Bass stuff. It has this massive JPG of every character from NES and GameBoy games (must see)!
Auto's Rockman Robot Center Art Gallery- TONS of sprites, plenty o' pix, too.
Maelgrim's RockMan Music- Plenty of Rockman MIDIs eventually, he'll probably have done every song in the series!