Welcome to the comics section, added simply so I'd have something to work on this page if I (MooMoo) get bored! You can send in stuff, I can put stuff up, or you can just create new captions for current comix. I dunno whatever. At this site, all hell breaks loose, so whatever gets put up here will just be more silliness.
Anyway, here's my first comic, It's the translation to the ending scene in RockMan & Forte when ya beat it as bass:

Wily! This is the last straw! What did you do with my fluffy bunny collection!?

snicker snicker...Hehehe...Now that I've stowed away all of Bass's bunnies in this box, I just have to...


What was that?

Bass: PROTOMAN!? What the heck are you doing here?! Oh. I get it! YOU'RE the one who stole my bunnies!
ProtoMan: What kind of a loser collects fuzzy bunnies, anyway? I mean, geez, I though you were supposed ta be sinister an' evil an' stuff!
Wily: I've fallen, an' I can't get up...All the bleedin' gadgets around here, and I don't even have one of those 'lifecall' thingies ta have around my neck...

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