By Slickeye
Art by: MooMoo-Chan
Sprite By: Xeta Psilon
Dragon Man came from Wily's obsessive playing of Dungeons and Dragons. It goes without saying that he enjoys playing evil and unholy versions of the game where, you know, you try to become a god, take over the world, and wreak havok. Then, one night (after a few drinks) he felt kinda tipsy and made Dragon Man. It was, of course, a totally holistic coincidence that Dragon Man was really powerful. What one might notice, though, is the little silly bits Wily put in, 'cause he was drunk ^_^ For one thing, his best attack shoots flares all around MegaMan, but it's powered by Tartar sauce! Second, his power module is a microwave oven, but until now, all scientists had overlooked the destructive powers of microwaves! And when Dragon Man get's really mad, he attacks with super-smelly Dragon Breath! Better dodge THAT Rockman!

Here's a groovadelic pic of DragonMan, by Dark Napalm