Robot Design Lab

Hi I'm Serenade, I'm made up...therefore it makes sense that I'd be hosting this page. So...I' Did I mention that my name's Serenade. Well, it is. Musical, huh? Did you ever notice that ALL megaman characters have musical names? I did.'s that page thing.

HEY YOU, mail Xeta your best robot designs and it might win the honor to appear RIGHT HERE!!! If for some reason, you can't send a picture, don't fret. MooMoo will be glad to render a character that you send a description of. Sorry, only one per customer, unless you do yer own art, we can't spending all day drawing li'l MM guys! ^_^

-Xeta Psilon-
P.S. From MooMoo: This 'creation' page was MY idea!
P.S. From Xeta: Serenade was MY idea

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