[Lockjaw just munched up some poor guy's ride!  And it was one of those hyper-expensive beetles, too!]
By MooMoo-Chan
Quite an odd character. Not really a true Maverick, just very mentally distressed. In fact, he belives himself to be a sort of 'freelance police droid', running around solving crimes utilizing his disturbingly sharp gaping maw, and beartrap-like claw ("Hey, Lockjaw, where do ya keep that thing, anyway?"-"None of your damn business, Sam!). Many a criminal has been maimed irrevocably by this guy...in fact, just about anyone he feels is a hoodlum can just about count themselves out. A Maverick by a different definition, and definitely worthy of being targeted by the big X. Holy jumping mother of God in a sidecar with a lobster bib and a packet of chocolate jimmies!