By Xeta Psilon
Necroman is the robot of the devil and all of his attacks are thereby evil. Dr. Wily summoned him in the middle of one of his li'l Devil-Worship ceremonies. His main attack is the hellfire shot. This involves him shooting a flaming skull at Megaman that screams the screams of a thousand dead tortured souls when shot, and stuns Megaman. Next is the hand of death. This attack works by him shooting off his hand on a coil. It can be used on the ground or in the air, care of his wings. When the battle reaches its climax Necroman's eyepatch opens and shoots out the "Medusa Ray" which freezes Megaman. By defeating him you get the Hellfire shot(when equiped Megaman can shoot hellfire shots, and gets EVIL tendencies), and he's weak against the Spatula Throw.

A REALLY awesome pic of NecroMan by, you guessed it, Dark Napalm.