By MooMoo-Chan
Spatula man was created by Masamune Kuonji (great, great descendant if Ukyo Kuonji) as a prototype for a droid to use in his large chain of Uccan's Okonomiaki restaurants. An ingenius new enemy (actually Dr. Wily in a wig) stole Spatula Man and reprogrammed him. Spatula man has a short range attack, which basically consists of him smacking with one of his big spatulas. He also fires normal-sized hyper-sharpened spatulas in 5 (count 'em 5!) directions at once. His little 'fan-hand' of spatulas can become a rather nasty buzzsaw type of weapon. When he's REALLY miffed, he performs a sort of propeller attack involving his two large spatulas and a lot of spinning. He's also weak against the hellfire shot (Ha! now which one will you fight first!?!? You're little organizational method of beating the foes is now destroyed HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!)

Klik here for a Groovy pic of SpatMan, By Dark Napalm