Why walk, when you can travel in style ?

Greetings, I am Boba F-errrr... I mean Vile, sinister Maverick Warrior and Taxi Driver! With these mechs, you kan go all over the world wide lead...er...Web. If you want yer site here...TOO BAD!...Jest kiddin', chum, email MooMoo-Chan wit the URL an' he'll examine it thoroughly, then probably put it in.

And now, the links...

Notart- It most certainly is not.

Frontend for Luke & Max's Comics Du Jour- More stuff from the losers who made this site.

Bakana- MooMoo's personla site. More art, stupid stuff, and inane writings than you can shake a sizzling weasel at!

MegaMan: Robotic War Machine- This is just about the best MM site on the web, er... I mean SECOND best, of course...

Bass Page- MooMoo's fave character has his own page! Spiffy!

Auto's RockMan Robot Center- Lots about MM's japanese counterpart. Lot's of info, picutres, and a pretty good-looking page, too.

Mega Man Homepage- This site was made by a VERY obsessed person. (they even wrote books!) This leads to a very good site, but this person still frightens us...

Mega Man The Blue Bomber- IT's not under construction, it's fine, apart from the fact that it has stupid MechWarrior 2 wavs in some parts of it.

Tengu Man's Sky Base Very good site, with lot's of pics of everyone's favorite Eastern-Myth-Inspired Robot master. Also tons of 32-bit sprites (some are actually 16-bit ones from RockMan/Forte, though!)

Megaman Utopia- A good site that's just starting out but has great prospect!

ProtomanZ's Homepage- This is an Okay site - nice applets.

MechaDrake Assemblies, Inc.- Good site, very original, with plenty of info onn the RockMan mangas!

Stephan Gagne's Homepage- This site has NOTHING to do with megaman. It focuses mainly on anime, spatulas, and other silly stuff. Spatula City is a very good site.

Xeta Psilon's Anime Homepage- This is Xeta's main site. If you haven't guessed, its subject is anime.

Xeenlord's Final Fantasy Homepage- A page by our li'l HTML pupil who Xeta likes to write silly Fanfic for.

Li'L Zero gives a big thumbs down to all ya kooks who wanna leave!