Release date: November 2000
According to the meter in the bottom-left, X is 'Normal'...That's a good, I guess...

MegaMan X5 continues the traditional MegaMan X gameplay, but also adds several new features. For example, the game features time-based gameplay, where thr speed in which you beat levels determines how the game progresses, as well as what ending you will get. Also, in this game you can choose to play as Zero or X in each level before you enter it.

Zero hits a big Sigma head.

The story behind X5 explains its focus on time-based gameplay. Apparently, Sigma diverts a asteroid space colony to hit Earth, and X and Zero have just 48 hours to save the world before it hits.

From looking at the select screen, the enemies seem to include a bear, a T-rex, a squid(?) and a whale(?). Or something like that.