Release date: October 2000
MegaMan X for Gameboy

A somewhat unexpected new MegaMan game is in the works at the labs in El Capcom. A new, totally original MegaMan X game is being made for the gameboy (with gameboy color compatibility).

X in Chill Penguin's stage

The storyline thus far consists of a hacker named Tachno breaking into the world's supercomputer, and X having to repair the havok Techno causes. In addition, X has s new ally by the name of MIDI.

X Riding in a mech

While most of the bosses in the game are still a mystery (one boss is definitely Chill Penguin, and according to Capcom's Press Release, there are two new Boss Characters), the full list of weapons is available, and includes the X-Buster, S-Ice, E-Spark, R-Shield, S-Tornado, R-Burner, S-Shot, M-Mine, and S-Foil.

From the screens we've seen, the graphics seem pretty good, and on game boy color, the colors are used adequately (it looks like a higher end NES game.) It also boasts a battery-backed save feature, which probably means there won't be passwords.