By MooMoo-Chan
In hyper-convenient alphabetical order!
Auto- Auto is another one of MegaMan's allies. He was created by Light to generate power-ups for MM and Rush, through the use of bolts. He is also very handy with a bazooka, if need be, as is evident in MM8!
Barel Casket- A seasoned digger, Barrel Casket found MegaMan Volnut and his buddy Data at a dig site 14 years ago. Since then, he has brought Volnut up alongside his granddaughter, Roll Casket. He is also an old friend of the Mayor of Kattalox Island.
Bass- When MegaMan was on a brief sabbatical, this mysterious figure arose to defend the city from Wily's bots. His true identity was discovered, however, when, after being wounded by ShadeMan, he was brought to Light Labs for repairs. It was all a hoax! He had been made to combat MegaMan, and did so several times, including after he stole MegaMan's rush adaptors (which he used with Treble.). He may be evil, but he's also my favorite character, so he's still really cool, and anyone that says otherwise will face the might of my mighty spatula!---[:::] I apologize. That outburst was totally uneccesary, and just an excuse to use neat ACSII pictures. Please forgive me...
Beat- Beat is one of MM's many allies. He is a very versatile bird, being able to do many things. Sometimes, he'd fly around, peckin' baddies in the head. Later, he'd be summoned to rescue MM from falling into pits. Most recently, he has been seen aiding MM in his flights on the Rush Jet, attacking evil robots.
Bomb Bonne- Bomb Bonne is the baby in the Bonne Brothers family. Despite this fact, he is the massivest of the three Bonne siblings, and by far the strongest. He doesn't talk yet, but can burble with the best of 'em! BAAWUU!!
Dr. Cain- Dr. Cain is the scientist who unearthed X. He found X's capsule in an arcaeological dig, and decided to open it, seeing as all indicators were green. He was astounded by the technology used in X's robotic brain, and decided to use this technology to create a new race of robots: reploids.
Colonel- The colonel of the repliforce led his men with an iron fist-literally. As the new Mavericks arose, including members of the repliforce, Colonel led them. He was the youngest high ranking officer in the new Maverick regime. At least, uuntil the Maverick Hunters did away with him, greatly weakening the Maverick forces tremendously.
Dr. Cossack- Dr. Cossack, a Russian scientist, appeared to be MegaMan's nemesis in MM4. This turned out to be very wrong, though. Actually, the manipulative Dr. Wily had taken Cossack's daughter, Kalinka (), hostage, and forced him to use his robots for evil. Luckily, in the end, all was set right again.
Data- Data is MegaMan's trusted monkey pal. He hangs out with Roll, and is an endless source of information to MM Volnut, as well as a place to store data, and refill his life. In all actuality, he is more powerful than he appears. He is a MegaMan unit himself, created by Volnut to store his memories before they were wiped out. He saved Kattalox Island by halting Eden's destruction program, too. Perhaps his most powerful superpower is his monkey dance (bop bop twitch, bop bop twitch), which has the ability to mesmerize mentally dusturbed MM fanatics playing the game.
Dr. Doppler- He was first created to aid humans in the creation of new reploids. He also programmed an antivirus for a Maverick virus that was plaguing many reploid creations. He was then enlisted to create DopplerTown, where platypi could live in peace-er...where reploids could live in pieces-er...where Mavericks could-er...AAAUGH!!! That's better. Where reploids could live in peaceful harmony. Unfortunately, Dopplertown got infected by the very viruus it sought to stop! Holy cripes on toast! Then Doppler got infected, and became a battlebot, so taht he could wage war against the human race. Maverick Hunters X and Zero finished him off, with little work.
Double- Double was assigned to be X's assistant when the the Repliforce went maverick. He was always known for his clumsiness, and rarely taken seriously. That is, until he was discovered to be a spy of Sigma's, and changed into his butt-kicking form. In his big-clawed, semitransparent form, he lied in wait for X to return from battle. X took care of him, though.
Duo- Duo is a good space robot, programmed to eliminate 'what we call evil energy' from the universe. His path crossed with MegaMan's when doctor Wily began using 'what we call evil energy' in his robots. Wily had gotten a hold of this stuff by stealing the wreckage of an evil robot that Duo had just defeated.
Eddie (Flip-Top)- MegaMan's shortest ally. Oh, yeah, there's more to him them that. His head is hollow. Well, he's not stupid, it's hollow for a reason! He's kinda a walkin' suitcase, carrying power-ups to MegaMan in times of need. He also can fly with MegaMan and drop bombs, as seen in MM8.
General- As leader of the repliforce, General fought to defend his army's honor. When the Repliforce was accused of being Maverick, he was willing to even combat the hunters themselves. He was the highest-ranking officer in the Maverick army, and led them all into battle.
Iris- Iris is the sister of the Colonel of the repliforce (how robots can be siblings, without being the same model (as in Rock and Blues's case) is still a question to me). She enjoyed Zero's company a whole lot, and the two of them were very close. Unfotunately, she couldn't stand Zero and Colonel's constant battling. When Zero finally finished off the mad Colonel, Iris was thrown into a rage, and attacked Zero. Zero was forced to kill the possibly closest friend he ever had. And thus ends Iris' story. Except fer one thing. If she's Colonel's sister, why does she have a southern accent, and Colonel has a British accent?
Joe- Sniper joe is a generic bad-guy type. He's been around since the first game, and has had many forms. Nomatter what form, Joes usually have some sort of shield to duck behind when he doesn't shoot.
King- This is a bad guy from RockMan and Forte that cuts ProtoMan in half (But he didn't die, it was only a flesh wound!). He stole several of Wily's creations, plus made several of his own. MegaMan was willing to battle him to save the world. Bass was sent to fight him by a jealous Wily (Taking over the world is his job!).He is the main top evil guy of the game, and was (SURPRISE!) made by Dr. Wily. This kinda nullifies the point of Bass's quest, but it would probably all make sense if I could read Japanese. We still don't know his shoe size or his mother's maiden name.
Light- Dr. Light created MegaMan, Protoman, Roll, Auto, Beat, Rush, Tango, and all of the bosses from MM1. He was once colleagues with Wily, who betrayed him, and stole many of his creations. He has since sent his upgraded janitor bot (Rock, now MegaMan) into battle many times.
MegaMan-Originally named "Rock," MegaMan was created as a janitor/assistant robot to Dr. Light, but when Dr. Wily took over Dr. Light's other creations only one option was open. Rock was rebuilt as a fighting machine, or an ENGINE OF DESTRUCTION, and used to stop Wily's attempts to conquer civilization.
MegaMan Juno- A bureaucrat third-class droid, whose occupation was that of population control on Kattalox Island. He was awaked by MegaMan Volnut, after entering the Main Gate. Upon his awakening, he was alarmed at the sheer number of 'carbons' (i.e. carbon-based lifeforms, i.e. living things) inhabiting the island, and began to re-initalize the population growth, by killing everything on the island, through the use of Edin (a supercomputer) and tactical sattelite bombing. Juno was defeated at the hands of MegaMan Volnut, and the computer program to re-initialize population was ended by MegaMan Trigger (aka Data, the wild dancing monkey boy!).
MegaMan Volnut (Trigger)- MegaMan Volnut was found at a dig site as a baby 14 years ago by Barrel Casket. He is a digger, which is basically an arcaeologist (like Indy Jones) who goes into dangerous ruins searching fo treasure and refractor crystals. His past is shrouded in mystery, but it is known to some that he is a robot, in the same class as MegaMan Juno, only Volnut (or Trigger, as he was originally named) is a combat model, rather than bureaucratic.
Met- These seemingly simple droids are actually some of the strongest of Wily's creations. Everyone dismisses them as simple henchbots, but imagine their power! NOTHING can penetrate their helmets! NOTHING! If wily hadn't been so stupid as to make them open their helmets to shoot, they would be invincible, and he would have conquered the world! (Why didn't he make all of his robots out of the same stuff?! The mind boggles...)
Plum- Plum is simply the co-announcer to the Battle & Chase Races, in which MegaMan participated.
Protoman- Aptly named, since he was the prototype for MegaMan. He was Dr. Light's first creation, back when Wily was his good chum (in fact, the arm gun was Wily's idea). After he disappeared (coincidentally at the same time as Wily), Rock had to be converted into a battle robot like Protoman. Since they are both the same model, thay are virtually identical, save for suit color, and Proto's just-so-cool visor. If yer wondering why he doesn't have a musical name, he does, his Japanese name is Blues.
Ripotto- Ripotto is the announcer of the Battle & Chase races in which MegaMan, his friends, and his enemies participated.
Roll- Roll is megaman's 'sister' robot. She was created to aid Rock in janitorial services, etc. She was never upgraded into an ENGINE OF DESTRUCTION, though.
Roll Casket- Roll casket has been MegaMan Volnut's childhood friend, since they both met after being taken in by Roll's grandpa, Barrel Casket. Roll was taken in by Barrel after she lost her parents when she was very young (what EXACTLY happened to them, or who they were is a mystery...). She's 14, and currently works as Megaman's spotter. What's a spotter, you ask? It's someone who sits nice an' comfy in a truck with a walkie-talkie, talking to you, while YOU go down into perilous dungeons, and risk your neck!
Rush- Rush has been MegaMan's ally since his third adventure. He was created to aid MegaMan through the use of several power-ups. These first included the rush jet (to fly across gaps), the rush coil (to leap over buildings in a single bound!), rush marine (for ze beautiful, underwater exploration, like Jaques Cousteau, oui?), and later suit powerups, like the jet suit and power suit. He has been a vitally important member to the mega team.
Sigma- Sigma was initially the leader of the Maverick Hunters. He was made for his job, and and therefore very powerful, more powerful than the other Maverick Hunters. This posed a bit of a problem when he went Maverick, 'cuz noone else could stop 'im. He led the Maverick reploids in their many attempts at conquest, and would always end up getting his shiny butt kicked by X.
Tango- Tango is MegaMan's kewlest pet. This is a very biased statement because I like cats far more than those of the canine ilk. I also think the color green is spiffy, so sue me. Anyway, Tango was created to aid MegaMan when the mysterious space robots, led by Terra, came from space. His basic ability is that of turning into a little buzz-saw type cutting device, zipping around, slicin' up baddies.
Terra- Terra was the leader of the starbots, a mysterious group of evil robots that came from space. Each one was named after a respective planet, and reflected it in their powers (i.e. Mercury could turn into Mercury balls). In the end, however, it turned out again to be Wily who created Terra, and started the whole fiasco.
Test- Test is another member of the Battle and Chase crew. He stores data, and also knows all the stats on the tracks and racers.
Treble- Treble is Bass's canine assistant. He's basically Dr. Wily's own take on Rush. He can even use the same adaptors as MegaMan's canine pal, combining with Bass.
Tiesel Bonne- Tiesel is the oldest of the Bonne Brothers, a ruthless pack of pirates, consisting primarily of his immediate family, and Servebots (Lego Men!). He is the captain of the pirates, and plans all of their tactical maneuvers. He also likes eating pizza, and watching TV (as long as its not a newscast of MM Volnut throwing a wrench into the works of his latest plan...).
Tron Bonne- The (quite surprisingly) only character with a somewhat musical name in MM Legends (Trombone, get it?). She is the younger sister of Teael Bonne, and second in command of the Bonne Brothers Pirates. She is deathly afraid of dogs, and has the silliest facial expressions in the whole game. She also has a sorta crush on MM Volnut, which goes absolutely nowhere. Despite her feeling fer MM Volnut, she still keeps her duties first, and doesn't hesitate to pilot a giant robot right into the Blue One's face!
Vile-Vile (the guy who looks like Boba Fett) was one of Sigma's lackeys. He was killed by X in the first X game (in the same incident that killed Zero the first time). Dr. Doppler rebuilt him in the third X game to hunt down and destroy X, but he caught the Maverick virus, and was driven to a furtherstate of madness, betraying Doppler, and escaping. He was consumed with hatred towards X and Zero, the Maverick Hunters who finished him off once, then he stopped hating them after they killed him again, 'cuz he was, well, dead. His weapon and vehicle of choice is the huge mech suit he rides in. He also shoots missles and a trapping 'net' beam.
Dr. Wily- Dr. Wily was initally a trusted aid of Dr. Light's. That is, until one night when he stole all of Dr. Light's useful creations, including his main prototype, and set off, only leaving behind the two janitor bots. What were his motives? Was he jealous of Dr. Light's recognition? Was hetired of being second banana? Or, was he jest crazy? Anyway, he used the six robots he had stolen (omiting the prototype) in a plan to conquer the world through force. This was thwarted, however, by the janitor bot Rock, who had been all spiffied up and turned into megaman. Dr. Wily then went on to build his own creations, which he set out to control the planet.
X-Discovered by Dr. Cain during a study of Dr. Light's laboritory 80 years in the future of the first Megaman, X was found as a new type of robot, a reploid. Reploids could think and feel just like humans, and soon reploids made up a quarter of the population. Unforunately, a side effect of having human emotions was that some reploids became maverick. (Dr. Light was aware of this danger. In fact, it was in fear of his new creation going maverick that he sealed X in the capsule anyway!). Mavericks were reploids who were obsessed with killing humans. The Hunters were formed, but soon their leader, Sigma, became a maverick, tilting the odds trmendously. Now only X and the mysterious Zero are all mankind has left.
Zero-Following Sigma, Zero was the next leader of the Hunters. It is now known that he was created by Dr. Wily, and most likely sealed in a similar capsule as X (Dr. Wily didn't have the common courtesy to leave behind any power-up capsules, though). He is the origin of the Maverick strain. Wily embedded the virus within him to counter Dr. Light's X-Project. This is why he was initially a Maverick. In a battle with Sigma, leader of the Maverick Hunters, he was greatly wounded. Sigma caught the Maverick virus from him, and Zero was brought back to Maverick Hunter HQ, and restored, though the parts of him containing the virus must have been greatly damaged, 'cuz he didn't have it no more. Zero is really cool, and is reincarnated a few times. (In X, he died. In X2, he was rebuilt. In X3, depending on how you played, he may have died. In X4, he's back and fighting.)

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