Not exactly news which pertains to THIS page, but MooMoo's Bakana page is once again up and running, so youse guys can stop asking him and Xeta when it's coming back...
New Credits Page with BETTER bios and art!
First update in aeons!

Feel the burn... Spiffy, eh?

[Joy and rapture!!!]That's right EoD-faithfuls, the best Megaman homepage among pages titled "Engine of Destruction" is BACK! Our escapade with crappy adverts and spiteful hackers is over, and now we're back in business! Check out the new Tron No Kobe Guide, and keep in touch, a new totally rehauled EoDX game is on the horizon! Woo!

[Yo there G-dawg!]Howdy all you li'l space monkeys out there! This page has a REALLY spiffy title, and if you have the time, you may want to read it. This iz a silly site that wuz created by two very deranged individuals one evening after too much SURGE and Mega Man playing. But, getting back on the topic of that spectacular title, Mega Man really is an engine of DESTRUCTION! And to think, all of this came from a humble janitor bot (further proving Xeta's theory that all great things begin with janitors). If you can't tell, MooMoo must be writing this, 'cuz he just referred to Xeta in da 3rd person, but now, he's referring to MooMoo in the third person! WHO'S WRITING THIS!?!?!? Maybe Bob Dole is...

[Hey funk Meister!]Okay! For all you concrete mixing kittens out there be sure to actually peal your eyes off that title and notice the buttons to your right! If you click on them something deep and profoundly meaningless will happen... that or you'll see the rest of our groovy site! If for some reason you are still reading this, and haven't yet clicked on any of those buttons, boy are you in for a treat! Yes, it's the secret internet URL, that's right, top secret! Don't tell anyone... The URL is: http://www.yahoo.com!!! Remeber, this is TOP SECRET.

X is back and Armored up for the upcoming EoDX!EoD Game Status! We've stopped using Klik and Play, and started using a really spiffy proggie called Multimedia fusion, so we've started over on EoDX. The new version will have SNES ROM resolution, much better gameplay (Wall sticking, dashing, etc), and even heart/sub tanks! Even original music by Xeta Psilon! It's gonna kick major catepillar arse!

Suit Up!Big News! The latest report from ZSNES says that the next version of ZSNES, the best SNES Emulator out there, will support specifically Megaman X2 and X3! Time to get yer joysticks ready for fun and more spritesheets! Woo!
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