Hewwo, little lego man!

Solutions to Those Disgusting Crate Puzzles

The Misadventures of Tron Bonne, while not specifically a MM game, is a quaint, picturesque little gaiden to the series. (AUGH! It's QUAINT and PICTURESQUE! RUN!).

The game is structured in a very open-ended manner. The object of the game is to get enough cash-o-la to pay off the ransom for Tiesel to his kidnappers, Glyde and the vaguely onion-shaped Mr. Loathe. You can get the cash through a number of ways, from classic MML-style subgate crawling, to robbing banks, to stealing livestock, etc. It's kinda like our Bass game, except that it doesn't suck. In fact, you can beat the game without completing the whole thing (very kindly of Capcom, seeing as some of the puzzle levels are nearly bloody IMPOSSIBLE!), allowing for replay value after you've beaten it.

The one thing a MML vet might take some time to get used to is the slightly modifed control scheme. In MML, the R2 button locked on your arm cannon. In Tron Bonne, this is done with the L2 button, since the R2 button is used to shoot a beacon bomb. This button swapping causes a bit of trouble when first getting into the game, and is rather summed up in this loosely translated image found at Capcom's Japanese website:

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