The BonnesTron- Our heroine, Tron has to earn a coupla million zenny to pay off the debt her brother, Tiesel Bonne, owes to Mr. Loathe.

Tiesel- Tron's older brother, and patriarch of the family. He smells kinda funny, but his family doesn't care. He's just that swell. He borrowed alot of cash from Mr. Loath to build the Gesselshaft, but hasn't yet paid up. As a result, he was taken prisoner to work off his debt.

Bonne- The baby of the family. If this is what baby Bonnes look like, imagine what TRON musta looked like!


Denise- Well, you see, in the original Japanese version of Tron Bonne, Volnutt had an extensive operation, and from that point on was known as Denise, the cop. That story seemed a bit too raunchy for American audiences, so Capcom made some nonsense about a police girl who hates Tron, etc. etc.

Dantz- Complete idiot who Tron meets in the Shala-Kun ruins. It's fun to bop him with the Finkle, though.

Maude- Large, angry woman from the ruins who serves no purpose other than to yell at you.

Uncle Digg- Get this-- he's a DEAD guy who lives underground! Creepy, eh? Of course you wouldn't know that unless you beat the RPG game already, which means we kinda spoiled it for you otherwise. I suppose that's what you get when you read game synopses instead of just PLAYING the games...

Perl- Not just a programming language, but also a little digger girl with a funny cat hat, who wants to steal your crystals but never does. Silly Perl! If you're going to act evil, you need to do evil things, not just grimace and talk about it!

Zag and Zig- Two extremely annoying twins that ask you pointless questions about the game you're playing ("What's the second word written on the back cover of the Tron Bonne packaging?" well..maybe not THAT irritating...). It's like reliving the old days of PC copy protection questionaires, except more tedious, and less necessary!

Roxette- Peculiar blue-haired digger lady, who happens to be Uncle Digg's assistant.

Tuttle- Creepy underground guy. He looks kinda like a magician, though the only trick he does is spitting inane dialogue...

Russell- Old digger with a brown cape (soiled with God knows what--remember, he's OLD), and a robotic-looking suit kinda like Volnut's.

Loathe Mr. Loathe- Tiesel owed him lotsa cash, so he took him away. Jerk.

Glyde-Totally useless assistant to Mr. Loath. Well, not TOTALLY useless. He does pilot a really crappy bird mech that he tries to hurt you with. (If CAPCOM wanted to give us a REALLY tough challenge, they should've made Loath's assistant another one of those puzzle levels, or something...yeesh...)

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