Rockman Import Games!

It's not very common, but there are a few Rockman games out there that mean old Capcom didn't think were good enough for us American pigdogs! Well, we won't have it anymore! This section is completely devoted to stuff Capcom doesn't want you to see!

Rockman Famicon Imports

Famicon is a Japanese Nintendo. Most of the imports are basically so bad, you won't want them even if they are Rockman. If you must, you should just get a rom of it to use with an emulator.
  • Rockboard® (Megaman Boardgame) [ROM]

Rockman Super Famicon Imports

Super Famicon is a lot like Super Nintendo, other than the fact that it doesn't have two nubs in it's cartrage slot. This means you can't fit the frigg'n game into the frigg'n slot and you just smash it in the over and over again until you break your precious game. Now you have two options! One: Cut the tabs out, or Two: get an import modifier or Pro Action replay, or Game Genie which lack the li'l happy communist nubs. Rockman in the Rushcar!

PSX Rockman Imports

This one is slightly more difficult to manage, here's the deal. Because of power differences and commercial rights to different countries, all American Playstations are programmed to only play America PSX games. This country code can be eliminated through the use of a MOD (Modification) Chip. It might take you a while to find a place that installs these li'l buggers (I had to travel across the state -Xeta) but it's worth it. Once installed, you can play any game - regardless of it's country of origin (Japan, America, South America, Europe, etc.)

Rockman Arcades

You can't have a system or anything to play these, actually, you really can't. They are made for Japan, and therefore the voltage is all screwed up so it won't work. You can, however, get an emulation, so it's okay, right?

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