RockMan and Forte
(MegaMan and Bass)

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This game is somewhat of a basic MM game, with numerous bosses, hidden within labyrinthine levels. The one thing that makes this somewhat different is that you can play as Bass or MegaMan. Character selection is not just a cosmetic change, as the characters play very differently. MegaMan plays as usual, with his chargable Buster, and ability to slide. Bass cannot charge his Forte Blaster, but can shoot it in eight different directions. He also has a X-like dashing ability, and a double-jump.

Character selection is similar to MMX4, but the PSX similarities don't end there. All of the characters look as though they have been taken from MM8. Even some bosses (TenguMan and AstroMan) come directly from MM8!

There are also several new enemies, such as EarthMan, PirateMan, DynamoMan, etc.

Back on the topic of character design similar to MM8, all of the characters look to have had a 32-bit makeover in this SNES game.

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The game also boasts another feature, called the database. It's pretty kewl. In the game, Bass and MegaMan can collect CDs. There are a total of 100 hidden in the game. Each CD has information on one robot. In the database, you can veiw the info for the robots you have dscs of. It's all in Japanese, but the pictures are really cool. The databse includes not only all the main characters, but every boss from every game, including the Starbots and Special bosses only found in the GameBoy games!

But, apparently, the guys who made this game have flunked a few spelling bees in their time...

king The story is as follows: A mysterious new robot named King has come on the scene, stolen several of Wily's robots, and, usinng Wily's technology, has built several new robots of his own. MegaMan, as usual, fights for the cause of justice. At the end, he feels remorse for killing King, but recieves a letter that King survived, and is working himslef for the cause of justice! Bass fights to retrieve Wily's stolen droids, and keep him from conquering the world (HEY! That's WILY'S job!!!). He later finds Wily on King's side, and in anger of Wily's betrayal, fights Wily, too. After this, he finds out that Wily wasn't really on King;s, side, and had pretended to work with him to steal King's designs! Now, with 'King II' and Bass, the ultimate evil robot duo, he would surely take over the world! As he told Bass of his plan, however, Protoman was in the next roon destroying King II's plans! Justice wins again!

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Pirate Man
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