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Welcome to da game room. In here, you'll find codes fer all da MegaMan games, also you'll find lists of what weapons go against what bad guys. At the bottom of the page, you'll find other miscellaneous hints and secrets.

Which Weapons ta Use
Which game ya look'n for?

EoD: MegaMan
MegaMan 1
MegaMan 2
MegaMan 3
MegaMan 4
MegaMan 5
MegaMan 6
MegaMan 7
MegaMan 8
MegaMan 9
MegaMan X
MegaMan X2
MegaMan X3
MegaMan X4

Engine of Destruction: MegaMan (PC)

NecroManReflected Light BeamHellfire Shot
Spatula ManHellfire ShotSpatula Throw
Dragon ManSpatula ThrowDragon Breath
Mirror ManDragon BreathReflected Light Beam
Dr. HattebergHellfire ShotNOTHING
BassReflected Light BeamNOTHING
Dr. Wily ISpatula ThrowNOTHING

Mega Man I (NES)

CutManPlasmaRolling Cutter
ElecManRolling CutterThunder Beam
IceManThunder BeamIce Slasher
FireManIce SlasherFire Storm
BombManFire StormHyper Bomb
GutsManHyper BombGuts Arm
RockMan*Elec ZapNOTHING
M.M. ClonePlasmaNOTHING
SubmarinesPlasma and Rock SmashNOTHING
Dr. WilyBlaze CannonStupid, you just beat the game!
*This is the big, one-eyed cyclops you meet, who separates and flys across da room. You DON'T fight a japanese MegaMan!

MegaMan II (NES)

BubbleManQuick BoomerangBubble Lead
FlashManMetal BladeTime Stopper + Item #3
WoodManMetal BladeLeaf Shield
QuickManAir ShooterQuick Boomerang
MetalManPlasmaMetal Blade
AirManPlasmaAir Shooter + Item #2
CrashManAir ShooterCrash Bomb
HeatManBubble LeadAtomic Fire + Item #1
DragonQuick BoomerangNOTHING
Block RoomPlasmaNOTHING
GutsDozerQuick DozerNOTHING
Lazer RoomCrash Bomb and Item #2NOTHING
Dr. Wily 1Metal BladeNOTHING
Alien WilyBubble LeadWhat do ya think?!

MegaMan III (NES)

TopManHard KnuckleTop Spin
SnakeManNeedle CannonSearch Snake
GeminiManSearch SnakeGemini Laser
NeedleManGemini LaserNeedle Cannon
ShadowManTop SpinShadow Blade + Rush Marine
SparkManShadow BladeSpark Shock
MagnetManSpark ShockMagnet Missile
HardManMagnet MissileHard Knuckle
Dr. WilyHard KnuckleNuttin'

MegaMan IV (NES)

ToadManDrill BombRain Flush
BrightManRain FlushFlash Stopper
Pharoah ManFlash StopperPharaoh Shot
RingManPharaoh ShotRing Boomerang
DustManRing BoomerangDust Crusher
SkullManDust CrusherSkull Barrier
DiveManSkull BarrierDive Missile
DrillManDive MissileDrill Bomb
Dr. CossackDust CrusherNOTHING
Wily 1PlasmaNOTHING
Wily 2Pharaoh ShotNADA

MegaMan V (NES)

WaveManPlasmaWave Cannon
StarManWave CannonStar Crash + S.Arrow
GravityManStar CrashGravity Hold
GyroManGravity HoldGyro Attack + R.Jet
CrystalManGyro AttackCrystal Eye
NapalmManCrystal EyeNapalm Bomb
StoneManNapalm BombPower Stone
ChargeManPower StoneCharge Kick
Pink RobotSuper ArrowNOTHING
Tank RobotWave CannonNOTHING
Gray RobotCrystal EyeNOTHING
Pillar RobotCrystal EyeNOTHING
Circular RobotGyro AttackNOTHING
Wily 1PlasmaNOTHING
Skull TankSuper ArrowsNOTHING
Wily 2BeatNOPE

MegaMan VI (NES)

FlameManPlasmaFlame Blast + R. Power
BlizzardManFlame BlastBlizzard Attack
PlantManBlizzard AttackPlant Barrier + R. Jet
TomahawkManPlant BarrierSilver Tomahawk
YamatoManSilver TomahawkYamato Spear
KnightManYamato SpearKnight Crush
CentaurManKnight CrushCentaur Flash
WindManCentaur FlashWind Storm

MegaMan VII (SNES)

BurstManPlasmaDanger Wrap
CloudManDanger WrapThunderbolt
JunkManThunderboltJunk Shield
FreezeManJunk ShieldFreeze Cracker
SlashManFreeze CrackerSlash Claw
SpringManSlash ClawWild Coil
ShadeManWild CoilNoise Crush
TurboManNoise CrushScorch Wheel

MegaMan VIII (PSX)

TenguManPlasmaTornado Hold
ClownManTornado HoldThunder Claw
GrenadeManThunder ClawFlash Grenade
FrostManFlash GrenadeIceWave
AquaManPlasmaWater Balloon
SwordManWater BalloonFlame Sword
SearchManFlame SwordHoly Schnipes!(Homing Sniper)
AstroManHoming SniperAstro Crash
Flying BossAstro CrashNOTHING
WilyPlasma + Flash GrenadeNOTHING
I'm Kinda Rusty on the Wily level bosses here, if I forgot one, notify me.

MegaMan IX - RockMan/Forte(SNES)

EarthManPlasmaEarth Drill
TenguManEarth DrillTengu Slash
MagicManTengu SlashMagic Cards
AstroManMagic CardsAstro Copy
Dynamo ManAstro CopyDynamo Bolt
ColdManDynamo BoltIce Wall
BurnerManIce WallWave Burner
PirateManWave Burner ShotRemote Mine

MegaMan X (SNES)

Chill PenguinFire WaveShotgun Ice
Storm EagleChameleon StingCyclone Blast
Flame MammothCyclone BlastFire Wave
Spark MandrillShotgun IceElectric Spark
Armored ArmadilloElectric SparkRolling Shield
Launch OctopusRolling ShieldHoming Torpedo
Boomer KuwangerHoming TorpedoBoomerang Cutter
Sting ChameleonBoomerang CutterChameleon Sting
VileHoming TorpedoNOTHING
Wall FaceChameleon StingNOTHING
Skull TankBoomerang CutterNOTHING
Sigma's DogShotgun IceNOTHING
SigmaElectric SparkNOTHING
Big SigmaRolling ShieldZILCH

MegaMan X2 (SNES)

Giant RobotPlasmaNOTHING
Wire SpongeSonic SlicerStriker Chain
Wheel GatorStriker ChainSpin Wheel
Bubble CrabSpin WheelBubble Splash
Crystal SnailMagnet MineCrystal Hunter
Flame StagBubble SplashSpeed Burner
Morph MothSpeed BurnerSilk Shot
O. OstrichCrystal HunterSonic Slicer
M. CentipedeSilk ShotMagnet Mine

MegaMan X3 (SNES)

Giant RobotPlasmaNOTHING
Neon TigerSpinning BladeRay Splasher
Gravity BeetleRay SplasherGravity Well
Blast HornetGravity WellParasitic Bomb
Blizzard BuffaloP. BombFrost Shield
V. CatfishTornado Fang / Frost ShieldTriad Thunder
C. CrawfishTriad ThunderSpinning Blade
Toxic SeahorseFrost ShieldAcid Burst
Tunnel RhinoAcid BurstTornado Fang

MegaMan X4 (PSX)

Web SpiderTwin SlasherLightning Web
Split MushroomLightning WebSoul Body
Cyber PeacockSoul BodyAiming Laser
Storm OwlAiming LaserDouble Cyclone
Magma DragoonDouble CycloneRising Fire
Frost WalrusRising FireFrost Tower
Jet StingrayFrost TowerGround Hunter
Slash BeastGround HunterTwin Slasher
DoublePlasma, or Double CycloneNone
SigmaRising Flame, Plasma, PlasmaBERRY WATER

MegaMan X4 (PSX)

Web SpiderFlame SwordThunder Sword
Split MushroomThunder SwordDouble Jump
Magma DragoonBig Mech, Thunder SwordFlame Sword
Storm OwlGiga AttackCommand Center
Cyber PeacockFlame SwordGiga Attack
Frost WalrusFlame SwordIce Sword
Jet StingrayIce SwordBeefed up Saber
Slash BeastThunder SwordDash
ColonelIce SpearNONE
IrisZ-Saber, Fire weapon on the crystalNONE
SigmaFire Weapon, Plasma, PlasmaBERRY WATER
I've used simplified versions of the sword technique names. You don't know hell until you've tried to spell 'Hyouretsuzan'!


These are the ultimate codes for each game.
MegaMan 2
MegaMan 3
MegaMan 4
MegaMan 5
MegaMan 6
MegaMan 7
MegaMan X
MegaMan X2
(With Zero parts)
MegaMan X2
(Without Zero parts)
MegaMan X3

Other Neat Things

MegaMan Street Fighting- This can be done by going into the street, and throwing MegaMan cartridges at each other until a car hits you. A less destructive way, however, is to enter the ultimate MM7 code (above) and hold down L & R on both controllers. "Everybody was KUNG-FU-FIGHTING...Those bots were fast as lightning!"

Super jumping, and non-cliff falling- In MM3, if you hold down 'a' on controller two, and play normally with controller 1, MM will be able to jump really high, and not fall down holes!

Getting spiffier armor- In MMX4, both Zero and X can get different armor suits (though Zero's is just a cosmetic change. For X's suit, at the Character select screen, highlight X, and press: 'O' 2 times, left 6 times, hold down L1 and R2, press start. X will be slightly purpler, and when you step into any capsule, he'll be hyper-beefed up! For Zero's black suit, highlight Zero, and hold R1, press right 6 times, release R1, hold 'O', press start.

Hadoken Fireball- In MMX, to get the Hadoken fireball, you must have every heart and sub-tank, and be fully powered-up. Goto armored armadillo stage. Before you get to the final boss door, don't enter it. Climb up the wall above it until you get to a little ledge. If there is a capsule there, go to it. There probably isn't one, so jump into the cliff, and repeat. After about 5 or 6 tries, you'll find an armore capsule on the ledge. Enter it, and Light (dressed as Ryu from the SF series), will give you the hadoken fireball. Execute it by pressing, down, down/right, right, then 'y' to fire it right (switch the 'rights' for lefts to fire it to the left). You can only excecute it when you're life is full.

Weather Changes- In the Weather Control stage, of X2you can hit the strange orbs with special weapons to change your surroundings. Bubble Splash = Rainy, Speed Burner = Hot and steamy, and Crystal Hunter = Foggy.

The Flaming Dragon Punch-Yup! Another Street-Fighter power-up cameo! It can be found in Agile's stage in the fortress. You have to be at full power to do this move, just like the fireball. Press forward, down, down-forward and 'y' button to execute it. In Agile's stage, once you navigiate the vertical shaft that you need the jet platform for, continue right and let the bats follow you. Shoot one of the bats underneath the ladder with the Crystal Hunter, so it crystallizes and you can use it as a platform to get up to the ladder. Air-dash over the sea of spikes up there. Or, get hit, and run across when you're invincible. The next section of spikes is tricky to cross: Charge up the Speed Burner, then jump and air-dash over the spike-covered ledge and drop down. When you are in the clear, Speed Burner back to the left, to where the 1-up is. Once you've accomplished this, slide down the left wall, but don't fall. X will drop into a hidden passage. You must be at full energy for the capsule to appear, so you may want to bring a can of surge, (or a sub-tank, if you're desperate). Walk left to get to the capsule.

Give X Zero's Saber-In MMX3, when you're in the second stage of DopplerTown, don't use Zero. Once you get to the door to the mid-boss, change into Zero. Trust me, it'll work. If it doesn't, ya can paint me red, an' call me ferdy! Fight the bug as Zero. It'll eventually start to explode, and land on Zero, messin him up big time. X will come in, and get the Z-Saber. It's awesome, 'cuz it can wipe out half of an enemy's life, even Sigma's!

Golden, full-powered X-You can't have any chip upgrades, but you must have full armor. In the first DopplerTown stage, there will be a point where you come across a somewhat narrow pit, with spiked balls being tossed down it. Avoid the balls (you need full life), and slide down the left wall of the pit. You'll eventually go into a secret room with a capsule. X will be fully boosted up, and turn gold (in all truth, blue MM is kewler-looking than gold!).

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