RockMan Power Battle

This game is pretty spiffy. It's a Japanese arcade game, in which you can play as MegaMan, ProtoMan, or Bass. You then can fight an assortment of battles against updated enemies from megaman 1-7. It can be a two-player cooperative game, but the differences from normal games don't end there. There are only boss battles, no levels. Your levels are also randomly picked, unless you have really good timing (the cursor moves around the screen on its own), making using the right boss weapon pretty tough. You don't really need to use the boss weapons, though, since this game is VERY easy! I beat it with all 3 characters in about 10 minutes.

The characters play a little differently, but not much. The only real diffrence is in how they slide. Bass kinda jump-dashes, which is stupid, since when you dash, you try to get under something. Protoman jest dashes horizontally, and MegaMan has his trademark slide, which is the most effective. This game may be easy, and not have much to it, but it's still really fun to finally be able to play a game of MegaMan with a buddy, and not...sniff...all by yourself...sob...alone...

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