Here is a complete list of all the major characters of Megaman Legends. Therefore, it doesn't include the people at the junk shop or the Dick Tracey Police chief who is almost polished off in the second level...
Also, more information on these guys can be found in The Characters Page.

[Roll, at the wheel of the support car] GOOD GUYS

Megaman Volnutt
This is our main hero. He was found by Barrel when he was young, and was adopted as a son with the monkey that was found with him. He's like a brother to Barrel's grandaughter - Roll. What they don't know, is that Volnutt is really a Megaman series robot - one that was created to force human population control from a computer called Edin. He was one of Edin's many servents, before he had his memory erased (though his orignal memories are stored inside Data). His past shows when he is able to take on large mechs and robots!

Roll Casket
This is Megaman's adopted little sister, and she's great with machines. She acts as a spotter for him when he's deep in ruins digging up expensive refractor crystals. Her parents are unknown, and she was raised by her archeologist grandfather - Barrel. She is always ready to help Megaman, no matter what!

Barrel Casket
Roll's grandfather and a good friend of the mayor of the island. He is, suprisingly, not a major benefactor to the plot.

Data (Megaman Trigger)
This is Megaman's little monkey buddy who was found with Megaman when Barrel found him. He has the ability to refresh Volnut, and as his name demonstrates, has excellent data saving abilities (In fact, he contains all of Volnut's old memories).

[Tron Bonne]


Teisel Bone
This is an obsessive-compulsive psychopath! He's also the captain of the pirates. He seems to find particular joy in money, family, and pizza.

Tron Bone
Teisel's robot-making obsessive psychopath sister, who's a challenger to Roll. She definitely hates dogs and likes drinking coffee from her special mug. There's also a brief and totally pointless romance between her and Megaman.

Bomb Bone
Not much to say here, other than he's a big baby robot, Teisel and Tron's little sibling, and has no comprehensable speech.

Commonly known to us as "Lego People" they are the pirate's willing servents, even though they have little to no common sense. Often found spying thru the windows of the police station (no, they're not spying on the Police...Thwy're INSIDE the station, spying on the road...), and stuck on roofs for no reason...


Megaman Juno
He's a dash of Sephiroth (FF7), a dash of Rezo the Red Priest (Slayers, Manga) and a pinch of Megaman. He is a beaurocrat 3rd class robot, who is totally mindlessly devoted to his work - human population control. But you don't have to worry, he doesn't appear until you kill him!

A big computer who does stuff, but we don't know what. We just know it listens to robots named Megaman. Can destroy stuff to with a tractical satellite.

An army of robots, found mainly in ruins, who are devoted to Edin.

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[Volnut, with his new pal, Can.]