Interesting Comments on MM Legends

- Data: Innocent li'l monkey, or sick li'l pervert? You decide!
- Apricot Pie

Who knows what darkness lurks in the hearts of Monkeys?...Some observations on Data
Data. We all know him as the little data-saving Monkey with all the latest dance moves, but does this seemingly cute and friendly exterior cover up a deep down dark side? Upon playing of MegaMan Legends it has been noted that on no occasion, does Data EVER leave the Roll's room on the flutter when Roll is in there! Simple cooincidence? We think not. In one scene, where MegaMan enters Roll's room without knocking, he gets kicked out immediately. Seeing as Roll's image is not shown in this scene, and we only hear her voice, we can only assume Roll was dresssing, or something to that effect. BUT...if you enter the room immediately afterward, you'll notice that Data is in there! I didn't see him sneak in right before you did, so he must've been in there THROUGH THE WHOLE ORDEAL! Makes you think...

Apricot Pie
Some pal Roll is! When MegaMan is escaping the second ruin, she calls him, and tells him she's made him an apricot pie! This inspires the player to fight valiantly, blasting free of the ruin...only to come back, and not find a SCRAP of bloody pie! They don't even mention it again! I'm suprised Volnut doesn't go ballistic and kill everybody! I know I would...

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