Stuff to Do and Get!

Places- Places of the island
Items- All the items you could possibly need, and their places
Special Items- Where the Special Items (i.e. no items in the previous segment) are, and how to get them.
Weapons- The weapons, and how to find/make them
Buster Parts- Buster parts, where to find/make them


Apple Market
Area in the beginning of the city, which you can enter without the need of a citizens card. Plenty of shops, including the ever important junk shop.
Main part of the city, where you fight Tron. This place has Sub-City Door 1, the Servebots Restaurant, and the library.
City Hall
This is the place with (surprise!) the city hall. This is where you can talk to the Mayor, or see the police station.
Located to the west of Downtown, this area is replete withall sorts of neat attractions, including the Hospital, KTOX Television Studios, Wily's Boats, the Museum, and the second Sub-City Portal.
Lake Jyun
Lake to the west of Uptown. Take the boat here, to get to a subgate.
Old Town
Ahhh slums! Every good town has one!These delightfully delapidated areas are full of nasty dogs, and run down buildings!These are found to the east of Downtown. This place has the door that goes to the Main Gate, a 'back door' monolith thingie to the main gate (hidden behind fences 'til you fight Bruno. ), and the third sub-city door.
Yass Fields
Plains that lead to Clozer woods to the North of City Hall. This is where you'll find a second Junk Shop, and the hoodlums' clubhouse!
Clozer Woods
Found to the south of Yass Fields, here you will find the second Portal, and the Clozer SubGate.
Cardon Forest
This is where you begin the game. The Flutter is here, as well as Portal number 1! (Johnny, tell him what's behind door number 1!)
Cardon Ruins
To the south of Cardon Forest, you will find this place. Here, you can see Portal number 3, and the ever-popular Cardon Subgate!
Portal 1
Small ruin near the entrance to Apple Market. You rescue Junk Shop guy here.
Portal 2
You can explore this ruin before the battle with Marlwolf. There are parts for parts for the neato Powered Buster here. Portal 3 The ruin you can explore before Roll rams thru the fence at the Cardon Sub-Gate. Cardon SubGate
First SubGate.
Lake Jyun SubGate
Second of the three SubGates.
Clozer SubGate
Third and final SubGate. It's where you activate the Main Gate, and is home to the evil Reaverdogs!
Main Gate
The mysterious ruin that has no door, near the old part of town. You need to activate the Sub-Cities to open its central gates. Sub-Cities
Subterranean living quarters of the Reaverbots. Here, you can find the Sub-Cities Keys: Sleeper, Dreamer and Watcher, so you may open the three Central Gate doors in the Main Gate.


Ancient BookPortal 3Spread Buster Special Weapon (With Old Launcher + Arm Supporter).
Antique BellClozer Sub-GateGift to the Museum.
Arm SupporterPolice StationSpread Buster Special Weapon (With Old Launcher and Ancient Book). Reward for finding the Bag.
Autofire BarrelMain GateAuto Battery Buster Part (With Generator Part).
BagDowntownGive it to the Inspector.
BeetleCardon Ruins areaGive it to the kid in the Club House.
Blunted DrillMain GateDrill Arm Special Weapon.
Blurebear PartsDowntown Garbage PailMachine Buster Special Weapon.
BombDowntownPower Blaster R Buster Part. After finding on the the two bombs.
Bomb SchematicBarrel's room in the FlutterGrand Grenade Special Weapon.
Broken CircuitClub HouseOmni-Unit Omega Buster Part (With Sun-Light + Main Core Shard). In exchange of the Stag Beetle.
Broken CleanerApple Market Garbage PailVaccuum Arm Special Weapon (With Broken Motor + Broken Propeller).
Broken MotorDowntown Garbage PailVacuum Arm Special Weapon (With Broken Cleaner + Broken Propeller).
Broken PropellerUptown Garbage PailVaccuum Arm Special Weapon (With Broken Motor + Broken Cleaner).
Camouflage ShieldJunk ShopMakes you invisible for a time.
Cannon KitPortal 3Powered Buster Special Weapon.
Comic BookLying behind the Junk Shop in Yass Fields Give it to the kid in the Club House.
Defense ShieldJunk ShopMakes you invincible for a time.
Energy CanteenJunk ShopTank used to store energy for later use.
Energy SquareIn ruinsDepending on the size, they refill your Life Bar energy.
Extra PackJunk ShopAdds one energy unit to your Energy Canteen. (Up to 99)
Flak JacketJunk ShopAbsorbs 1/4 of your damage.
FlowerClozer WoodsGift to Roll.
Flower PearlHospitalGatling Gun Special Weapon. (With Gatling Part) Reward for helping Hospital girl.
Gatling PartLake Jyun Sub-GateGatling Gun Special Weapon. (With Flower Pearl).
Generator PartPortal 2Auto Battery Buster Part (With Autofire Barrel).
Giant HornKTOX StudioGift to the Museum. Technical Race Class A price.
Grenade KitCardon Sub-GateGrenade Arm Special Weapon.
Guidance UnitClozer Sub-GateActive Buster Special Weapon.
Hyper CartridgeJunk ShopRefills your current Special Weapon.
Joint PlugLake Jyun Sub-GateAdapter Plug Special Item.
Kevlar JacketJunk ShopAbsorbs 1/2 of your damage.
Kevlar Jacket OmegaJunk ShopAbsorbs 3/4 of your damage.
Life GaugeJunk ShopAdd one bar to your Life Bar.
Main Core ShardClozer Sub-GateOmni-Unit Omega Buster Part (With Sun-Light + Broken Circuit).
Marlwolf ShellClub HouseShield Arm Special Weapon. (With Mystic Orb) Reward for helping the kids.
Music BoxKTOX StudioGift to Roll. Straigth Race Class A price.
Mystic OrbKTOX StudioShield Arm Special Weapon. (With Marlwolf Shell) Balloon Fantasy Class A price.
Old BoneCardon Sub-GateGift to the Museum.
Old DollCardon Sub-GateGift to the Museum.
Old HeaterClub HouseGift to the museum. In exchange of the Bettle.
Old HoverjetsLake Jyun Sub-GateJet Skates Special Item (With Rollerboard).
Old LauncherClozer Sub-GateSpread Buster Special Weapon(With Arm Supporter + Old Launcher).
Old ShieldPortal 2Gift to the Museum.
Pen LightClozer Sub-GateBlade Arm Special Weapon (With Zetasabre).
PickMan near City HallHelp the kids Club House.
PlastiqueDowntownPower Blaster L Buster Part. After finding on the the two bombs.
Prizm CrystalMuseumShining Laser Special Weapon (With X Buster + Weapon Plans). Reward for giving the Giant Horn to the Museum.
Rapid Fire BarrelPortal 3Machine Gun Buster Part.
Refractor Shard or ZennyEverywhereUsed as money, the bigger they are, the more they are worth.
RingLake Jyun Sub-GateGift to Roll.
RollerboardPortal 2Jet Skates Special Item (With Old Hoverjets).
Safety HelmetBox in Yass PlainsHelmet Special Item.
SawMan near City Hall, thenDowntownHelp the kids Club House.
Shield RepairJunk ShopRepairs your Life Shield.
Shiny ObjectPortal 2Gift to the Museum.
Shiny Red StoneMain GateGift to the Museum.
Splash Mine KitJunk ShopReward for helping the Junk Shop Man.
Spring SetCardon Sub-GateJump Springs Special Item.
Stag BeetleClozer WoodsGive it to the kid in the Club House.
Sun-LightHospitalOmni-Unit Omega Buster Part (With Broken Circuit + Main Core Shard). Reward for helping the Grocer's Wife.
Target SensorClozer Sub-GateSniper Scope Buster Part (With Tele-Lens).
Tele-LensClozer Sub-GateSniper Scope Buster Part (With Target Sensor).
TrunkDowntownTaken from the Bank Robbers.
Weapon PlansPortal 3Shining Laser Special Weapon (With Prizm Crystal + X Buster).
X BusterClub HouseShining Laser Special Weapon (With Prizm Crystal + Weapon Plans). In exchange for the Comic Book.
ZetsabreKTOX StudioBlade Arm Special Weapon (With Pen Light). Beast Hunter Class A prize.
Special Items
Name Location (Combination) Description
Energy Canteen Junk Shop Energy Tank you can refill at the Junk Shop. The more Extra Packs you'll buy, the more units of energy it will contain. (Up to 99)
Helmet Yass Fields Protects your head better. Don't forget to equip it!
Jet Skates (Rollerboard + Old Hoverjets) Allows you to dash, making you go faster. Don't forget to equip it!
Jump Springs (Spring Set) Makes you jump higher. Don't forget to equip it!
Armor Junk Shop Protects your body better. Don't forget to equip it!
Adaptor Plug (Joint Plug) Allows you to equip three Buster Parts instead of two.
Blue Refractor Prologue Ruin No use...
Yellow Refractor Cardon Sub-Gate Used for powering up the Lake Jyun Boat.
Red Refractor Lake Jyun Sub-Gate Used for powering up the Flutter.
Class A Licence City Hall Given by the Mayor after you beat Bomb Bonne. Allows you access to the Portals 2 and 3.
Class B Licence City Hall Given by the Mayor after you beat the Marlwolf. Allows you access to the three Sub-Gates.
Citizen Card Cardon Woods Given by a police officer after Roll fix the Support Car. Allows access to the city.
Walkie-Talkie Support Car Given by Roll in the Support Car after you got the Class B Licence.
Bonne Key Downtown Taken from one of the three Servebots tanks. Allows access to the City Hall.
Cardon Keys Cardon Sub-Gate Three Starter keys allowing you to lower the shield around the Yellow Refractor.
Lake Jyun Keys Lake Jyun Sub-Gate Three Starter keys allowing you to lower the shield around the Red Refractor.
ID Cards Clozer Sub-Gate Three access cards allowing you to activate the Main Gate.
Sub-Cities Keys One in each three Sub-Cities Sleeper, Dreamer and Watcher keys allowing you to enter the deepest ruins of the Main Gate.
Buster Parts
Name Location (Combination) Ratings
Auto Battery (Autofire Barrel + Generator Part) ENG MAX
Blast Unit Junk Shop ATK+1, ENG+2
Blaster Unit Omega Junk Shop ATK+2, ENG+3
Blaster Unit R Portal 3 ATK+2, RNG+2, RPD+2
Buster Max Given when you begin the Easy Mode ATK MAX, ENG MAX, RNG MAX, RPD MAX!
Buster Unit Portal 2 ATK+1, RNG+2
Buster Unit Omega Junk Shop ATK+3, RNG+3
Gatling Gun (Gatling Part + Flower Pearl) ATK+1, ENG+4, RNG+1
Laser Junk Shop ATK+4
Machine Gun (Rapidfire Barrel) ENG+3, RPD+1
Omni-Unit Curve Race Class A ATK+1, ENG+1, RNG+1, RPD+1
Omni-Unit Omega (Main Core Shard + Sun-Light + Broken Circuit) ATK+2, ENG+2, RNG+2, RPD+1
Power Blaster L (Plastique) ATK+2, RNG+1
Power Blaster R (Bomb) ATK+2, RPD+1
Power Raiser Prologue Ruin ATK+1
Power Raiser Alpha Junk Shop ATK+2
Power Raiser Omega Junk Shop ATK+3
Power Stream Main Gate ATK MAX
Range Booster Junk Shop RNG+1
Range Booster Alpha Junk Shop RNG+2
Range Booster Omega Junk Shop RNG+3
Rapid Fire Portal 1 RPD+1
Rapid Striker Lake Jyun Gate RPD+2
Sniper Range Junk Shop RNG+4
Sniper Scope (Target Sensor + Tele-Lens) ATK +1, RGN+5
Sniper Unit Junk Shop ENG+1, RNG+2
Sniper Unit Omega Junk Shop ENG+2, RNG+3
Triple Access Portal 3 ENG+1, RNG+1, RPD+1
Turbo Battery Junk Shop ENG+4
Turbo Charger Junk Shop ENG+1
Turbo Charger Alpha Junk Shop ENG+2
Turbo Charger Omega Junk Shop ENG+3

Special Weapons (Right Arm) From what? Description
Normal Arm (Nothing) Right kick, when you don't equip a Special Weapon. Weak.
Powered Buster Cannon Kit One of the best Special Weapon you'll use most of the game. Enhance it as soon as possible! Poor firing rate, tho...
Grenade Arm Grenade Kit Throws one grenade at a time.
Vacuum Arm Broken Motor + Broken Propeller + Broken Cleaner Used for sucking Refractor Shards and Energy Cubes without effort. Upgrade it to the max in the beginning and you'll be able to get items from really far away! Harmless.
Blade Arm Zetsabre + Pen Light Slashes with an energy blade, poor range.
Splash Mine Mine Parts Kit Drops mine in front of you. Not worth it...
Machine Buster Blumebear Parts Weapon with a high rate of firing, but not powerful.
Drill Arm Blunted Drill Close range weapon, can also be used to destroy walls.
Spread Buster Old Launcher + Arm Supporter + Ancient Book Throws multiple bombs at a time.
Active Buster Guidance Unit Homing missiles. When fully enhanced, it's the best weapon. But it's VERY expensive!
Grand Grenade Bomb Schematic Throws bigger grenades than the Grenade Arm.
Shield Arm Mystic Orb + Marlwolf Shell Creates an energy field in front of you. Harmless.
*Shining Laser* Prizm Crytal + Weapon Plans + X Buster Shoots a continuous laser, very destructive!

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