Tips and Tricks from the EoDMeisters Themselves!

Sub Quests- More fun things to do, to make this game even BETTER!
General Tips & Tricks- Very useful information about the game, that will help ya in the long run.

In Apple Market: Kick the can into the Bakery to win 1000 Zenny each time.

Rebuild the city
After the bulldozer attack, you can donate money to rebuilt the houses. It will be useful later.

Furnish the Museum
Talk to the painting girl, buy a lipstick in the woman's clothes shop in Apple Market and give it to the painting girl. The Museum will open.
Give eight items (Old Bone, Old Doll, Old Shield, Shiny Object, Red Shiny Stone, Antique Bell, Giant Horn and Old Heater) to the museum and you'll earn the Prizm Crystal from a kid in the exposition.

Help the kids building their club house
Find the Club House in a corner of the Yass Fields and enter the kids gang.
Get the Pick from the working man near the City Hall and give it to the kids.
Get the Saw by talking to the same working man and looking into a garbage pail near a green house in Downtown.
Once the Club House in finished, get the Marlwolf Shell inside it.

Participate in TV games
Beast Hunter: Kick a ball or dog at the dog chasing the man. You need at least the points required to get the Zetsabre in Class A.
Balloon Fantasy: Shoot the all the red balloons in the required time to get the Mystic Orb in Class A.
Dash Race: You need to dash throught the red cones in the required time. Touch the yellow cones to stop the timer. Straight course in Class A gives you the Music Box, Curve Course gives you the Omni-Unit and Technical Course gives you the Giant Horn.

Cure the hospital girl
Talk to the hospital girl and to her nurse. Then to the Mayor and give her 15,000 Zenny to help the girl. Talk to the girl again to get the Flower Pearl.

Defuse the bombs
Talk to the Inspector to learn about the bombs. Get into Downtown to find two bombs: One on a roof and one in the streets on the east part of town.

Retreive the lost cash
Talk to the Inspector to learn about the lost cash. Talk to these people in this order: Electronic Store, Bakery, Library, Kid near the north-east soda machine in downtown, Kid with red hair near the library and search the garbage pail near him. You'll be rewarded with the Arm Supporter.

Rescue the sick lady
Talk to the Grocer in Apple Market, find his wife in the Cardon Forest and take her to the hospital. Talk to her husband again and you'll get the Sun-light.

Bank Robbery
Watch TV in the Flutter to learn about the bank robbery. Go Downtown and shoot the red car with the Mega Buster. Pick up the trunk and give it to the Inspector. Go back to the Police Station and talk to the Inspector to receive 20,000 Zenny. You'll learn it wasn't a robbery after all, whoops!

Kid's Collection
Go to Cardon Ruins area and pick up the Beetle. Give it to the kid in the Club House and you'll receive the Old Heater. Go to Clozer Woods and pick up the Stag Beetle. Give it again to the kid and you'll receive theBroken Circuit. Find the Comic Book behind the Junk Shop in Yass Plains and give it to the kid and you'll receive the X Buster!

Tips from the Masters!...meaning, of course, us...

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